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Q1 2.0 Living Room /TV Series
Product features
Standard (built-in) Bluetooth, independent master volume, high and low tone adjustment, optical fiber, coaxial input, standard remote control, box body made of high-density wood plate, top and bottom plate made of high-grade PU bright paint process+pure manual imported acid technology skin coating process. U-section wireless microphone, 2-way wired microphone input, microphone volume, reverberation adjustment, DSP microphone sound effect technology processing.
Product parameter
Medium bass: 6.5 inches
Treble: 25 core (neodymium iron wire membrane treble)
Signal to noise ratio: > 80dB
Frequency response: 65Hz-20KHz
Distortion: ≦1%
Power: 2*50W
Teaching sound box s...
Home speaker series
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