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AMS-360 Home Living Room 2.1 Speaker Series
Product features
VFD dynamic fluorescent display screen and full remote control operation show the high end and atmosphere of this machine. Black aluminum wire-drawing decorative board and black matte paint baking panel show the harsh technology of this machine. Elegant: 8-inch bass unit adopts glass fiber vibration mode of high strength/damping material. Fever-grade long-stroke high-power linear displacement design improves the large dynamic low-frequency output capability of bass unit, while reducing distortion, making it powerful in low frequency and full in control. The Sound Blaster adopts a two-frequency division set. The mid-range unit is 3 inches, covering the complete mid-range area, and can independently represent the fundamental tone of human voice and musical instrument. It plays a very good role in connecting the preceding with the following in the whole system, while the high-range unit is an L-inch silk membrane dome unit. The high-frequency hearing sense is rich in layers, soft and delicate, and is the soul of the product!
Product function
Bluetooth 4.0,VFD dynamic fluorescence display plus full remote control, USB/SD memory card reading function, coaxial optical fiber access, two wired microphone inputs, one RCA input and one 3.5PC input are standard
Basic product parameters
Horn unit: 8 inches
Rated power: 50W+2*25W
Frequency response: 35HZ-120HZ
Distortion: 880L%, 1W, IKHZ
Signal to noise ratio: > 8ldB
Appearance: high-grade birch veneer/; Black matte paint
Sound bully
Horn unit: 3-inch midrange, 1-inch silk membrane dome treble
Impedance: 4Ω
Output power: 5W
Frequency response: 120HZ-2KHZ
Sensitivity: 86dB±3
Appearance: high-grade birch veneer
Teaching sound box s...
Home speaker series
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