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AMS-361 family living room 2.1 speakers series
Product features
VFD dynamic fluorescent display and full remote operation, highlighting the high-end atmosphere and the machine, black brushed aluminum trim and black matte paint panel, highlighting this process rigorous, elegant; 8 inch woofer with glass fiber membrane with high strength and damping material, long stroke and high power linear displacement design level have a fever a large increase in dynamic output capacity of the bass unit, while reducing the distortion, the frequency control and majestic full force, sound operation using two frequency, midrange unit is 3 inches, covering the complete Alto area, independent performance of vocal and musical instruments in pitch, the whole system has played a good link the role of a unit is 1 inch silk dome unit, high frequency hearing rich layers, soft and delicate, is the product of a soul!
Product function
Standard Bluetooth 4, VFD dynamic fluorescent display plus full remote control operation, USB/SD memory read card function, the axis fiber input, two wire microphone input method, all the way RCA input, all the way 3.5PC input
Product basic parameters
Speaker unit: 8 inches
Rated power: 50W+2*25W
Frequency response: 35HZ-120HZ
Distortion: less than or equal to 1%, 1W, 1KHZ
Signal to noise ratio: >81dB
Appearance: high-grade birch veneer / black matte painting;
Sound column
Speaker unit: 3 inch Alto, 1 inch film ball, top treble
Impedance: 4 ohms
Output power: 50W
Frequency response: 120HZ-2KHZ
Sensitivity: 86dB + 3
Appearance; top grade birch veneer
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Home speaker series
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