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Power amplifierAMS-201 Loudspeaker boxAMS-2101

Power amplifier AMS-201
Sound box AMS-2101 2 combination acoustics series
Power amplifier features
1, standard Bluetooth 4, USB/SD with memory card reader function, the main volume, high and low voice knob adjustment, all the way AUX/DVD signal input, all the way 3.5PC signal input.
2 、 power amplifier adopts high efficiency HIFI level imported digital chip IC, combined with high-power switching power supply, powerful and powerful, and energy saving and environmental protection.
3, the appearance of a breakthrough in tradition, the use of speakers and materials of the same process and color matching, better reflect the combination of matching and integration into the home.
Speaker features
1, unit configuration of a 30mm membrane silk ball tweeters and a 6.5 inch woofer; large diameter silk dome tweeter sound transparent natural, clear and powerful, rich details and better feedback; 6.5 inch bass unit by using glass fiber membrane with high strength / vibration damping materials long stroke; high power linear have have a fever level shift design improves the dynamic ability of low frequency output woofer, while reducing the distortion of the low frequency majestic full force control.
2, the box is made of high density fiberboard (MDF) square box design, silver matte paint process of high-grade decorative panel collocation of beech, the whole box adopts 15MM board village so that the box is more stable, simple and generous, reveal a kind of elegant and luxurious temperament.
Product basic parameters
Speaker unit: 6.5 inches mid bass +3 inch film tweeter
Impedance: 6 ohms
Power: 100W
Frequency response: 65HZ-20KHZ
Sensitivity: 86dB + 3
Box size: 38* 32CM long, 21* deep
Packing size: high 50.5* long 40* deep 43CM
Appearance: Silver matte paint / high-grade beech veneer
Power supply: 220V + 10%
Rated power: 120W
Output power: 2*60W
Input sensitivity: 550mv
Signal to noise ratio: >80dB
Distortion: less than or equal to 1%, 1W, 1KHZ
Chassis size: long 27.5*, deep 27.5*, high 8.5CM
Appearance: Aluminum Alloy panel drawing / high-grade beech veneer
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