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What is the experience of 3D holographic sound?
Date:2015-08-29 Count:1640
The 3D holographic sound is not used in the movie, not a concert, not a performance, but for a variety of space experience. From August 21st to August 30th, the "Sound Cube - the super sensory space" in twenty-first Century, the people's livelihood art museum. Sound art project in the country only 10 years of history, is still a relatively new field of modern art. This one hour "super sensory experience" is very difficult to describe in words, it is also very difficult to read".
129 speakers, a large number of black balloons on the roof and the black curtain fabric consisting of 3D holographic acoustic technology. Can accommodate the audience is not much, when the show began, the scene of the light and sound from the four around, lamented that such a sound effect if used to show the effect of horror film.
The show is divided into four parts: Concerto, maze, Radio City acoustic shadow two quartets, and a song. In brief, the wave of the wave is like the three big screen on the abstract pattern and across time and boundary of the scene to fight the air in the air. Present urban maze is relying on venues land tells the story of the city and the people, collecting Shanghai voice and do the old picture and rapper actor tongue twister, "tuk tuk tuk, selling sugar porridge, three pounds of sugar porridge two jins of shell is ordinary Shanghai nostalgic side. Acoustic shadow duet by jazz and dancers, dancers doppelganger in the big screen and stage Sachs chiral because the light in space appear and disappear from time to time. The music of the whole show increased gradually with the "six chapters, reaching a peak in the song". Several young men and women singers scattered in space and speak in a messy, multipart chorus, laugh, gasp, expression is their understanding of "bliss".
Dancer, singer, vision, lighting, and the consumption of the auditory experience. In Chinese people do not understand the current sound art and modern art, the performance by the Shanghai Conservatory of music creative to do out the is not easy. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the creators who want to let the audience through the senses and the creator to accept some interaction and resonance". The first chapter is synaesthesia, viewers watched the abstract symbols listening to radio voice just into the drama, at the end of the applause a handful. The second chapter should is the most easily lead to resonate with viewers, whether it is Shanghai's voice, the old alleys and relocation of the ruins, the alley gossip of the elderly, or that a section of the Shanghai nursery rhymes, how many are able to touch the audience. Especially the period of turning into from the construction site of meaningless noise of gongs and drums, gongs, song of different metal percussion as quite a shock. However, this chapter in the form of intends to pick up the gas and in depth but with a section on the old Shanghai cursory documentary is almost the same. No depth of support, the sense of novelty and stimulus is relatively shallow.
The third stage is the United States, jazz slow long dance slowly, the two in the three-dimensional space of the United States, but still missing a bit of tension. The last chapter of the rhythm of enough tension, multi voice chorus for professional accomplishment and strong power. But such music is not enough and its name -- "floating" Song match, after all, such a proposition is not Biao treble and music words to generalize.
But art is in the eye of the beholder thing, if willing to experience, four chapters "universe, city, human, emotional theme can do not know, in the space open all their senses is good.
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