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Mobile KTV sound / box design intention
Date:2015-08-29 Count:1482
In the new product discussion at the Hui sea, when the product department proposed the concept of hand - machine KTV, we are familiar with the concept of the product. In early 2013, Hui Hai launched KTV karaoke machine package. The process of marketing with a karaoke machine in the country of the exhibition, found a lot of people like to sing. Booth, a constant stream of customers directly with business personnel understand the product is to visit the exhibition of old people, they are very much like the KTV equipment, pick up the microphone field experience. Especially when the sale of samples during the show have been sold out. But in fact, there are more people like it but not to buy. At the end of each exhibition sharing, sea market Hui summed up the traditional KTV karaoke machine package failed to achieve greater recognition of the market is the main reason: first, power amplifier, a display screen, set-top boxes and other complete sets of equipment was huge in size, for most families account for the local, not suitable for home use; second, the high cost of complete sets of equipment, can't adapt to the populace purchasing power; third, complete sets of KTV system, including the power amplifier and the jukebox, of complex operation, can not meet the people's convenience.
KTV VOD machine package sales experience is summarized. In view of the defects existed in the system, the products in 2015 new product discussion meeting, put forward the concept of machine and hand KTV speaker. With the popularity of smart hand machine, such as sing karaoke, a series of Master K song software became popular. Hui Hai is envisaged by the hand - machine KTV speakers, based on the current stage of the mature Bluetooth speakers, combined with each of the people are able to skillfully operate the smart hand - machine, collocation microphone, so that consumers can be more relaxed and easy to enjoy the fun of singing. However, for this kind of product family KTV, Hui Hai high-rise was considered to be a niche market, it is difficult to have a breakthrough. Hui Hai experienced two years of exploration for new products, has become very cautious. Then, holding on to the product concept of confusion and curiosity, the sea began to explore it. After the new product discussion, the Hui Hai internal and for the hand machine KTV speaker organization held a special meeting to establish research group, for such products are able to accept, and whether it can meet customer needs, the Ministry of seafood in the online survey conducted a survey of the object is the wisdom of the existing agents and 20-40 years of potential consumer groups, more than two thousand valid questionnaires. Survey results show that people like to sing to reach 67%, but did not have to sing in the home of nearly 50%, the main obstacle is because the quality is not up to expectations or the price is too expensive; for this kind of product acceptance to reach 77%, no contact with the crowd only 25%
According to the national survey results, the market is surprised to find its considerable potential consumer demand. So from the results of the survey, to explore the core needs of customers, around the cost and experience, from the appearance, function, technology and other aspects, the beginning of a new concept of research and development of new products...... Dahuihai Electron Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, is China first generation multimedia audio professional production enterprises, but also audio industry enjoys a high reputation in famous brand. Hui Hai sound is not only loved by Chinese consumers, in the global market, exports more than 30 countries and regions, has a high international influence.
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