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Ali to seize the smart speaker Market
Date:2015-08-29 Count:3224
At the same time, Ali smart audio solutions, to help more audio companies quickly into the era of intelligent music cloud, and then make the smart speakers become the future smart home entrance.
Giants of smart home rob has been intensified, the Internet giant Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, from the hardware manufacturer Haier, Philips to Konka, we are looking for quality and advantage of smart home to cut the entrance. After the combination of big data and intelligent speaker, human-computer interaction technology, may have seen.
Smart sound box market. According to reports, the smart audio program is the focus of the second half of this year, Ali smart life division, while PHILPS is the first partner Ali smart audio. Compared to traditional speaker, both the release of the intelligent wireless speaker "boats" to many smart, it can according to the user's voice commands complete music search and play, but also according to user's listening habits intelligent recommendation. In addition, the user still can subscription serial type of audio content or radio program, the first time received "Dumbo" push and update reminders. The boats used by Ali intelligent speech technology, make full use of Alibaba's powerful data processing and cloud computing power, in human-computer communication more natural and accurate.
Previously, Ali intelligent platform has on air, kitchen, security, health and other areas, launched unique intelligent solutions, and Hisense, Kelon, Galanz, Airmate, Haier, Hikvision 100 enterprises to cooperate. The area of cooperation in the field of intelligent sound, is another entry into the smart home ali.
For smart home network giant is not only Ali one, according to the micro channel team to disclose data show that its hardware platform has access to more than 2400 hardware manufacturers, device activation volume 25000000, covering home, video, sports, medical and other fields.
Similarly from the hardware manufacturing field cut into the smart home is not a PHILPS. Haier, Konka and other traditional home appliance manufacturers are intelligent Home Furnishing field layout. It is reported that Haier released U + innovative ideas and innovative platform, across the air, water, shampoo and hair care products, food, entertainment and health etc. multiple dimensions and become worthy of the name of the wisdom of life a one-stop solution platform. Konka, recently released its strategy for smart home, is building its intelligent air conditioning, intelligent refrigerator, washing machine intelligence, intelligent electric rice cooker, intelligent water purifying machine, such as a full range of intelligent terminal products.
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According to reports, the Ali and Philips launched the "flying" intelligent audio features. As a super wireless speakers, the boats can be connected via WiFi and Bluetooth in two ways, its cache function even in off the network also play music. Its top is provided with a liquid crystal display, which can display information such as the man-machine interactive process, the music playing, and the source of the information. "Dumbo" is so clever, relying on the Ali intelligent platform for intelligent audio solutions. Traditional audio production speaker access Ali intelligent platform can like "Dumbo", become a by voice control intelligent speaker. At present, the intelligent platform of Ali has with shrimp music, Douban radio, the Himalayas, every day sounds, dragonfly FM and lychee FM six online music platform cooperation, to provide users with massive music and audio content.
But the development momentum of smart speakers is not limited to this. Industry believes that smart speakers, smart TVs, smart refrigerators and other smart products, is a new consumer environment for the consumer to cut the entrance, it is important to occupy the consumer after the cut. Only intelligent speakers, will be able to graft online music, online music activities, music and other derivative products surrounding products, and even with health monitoring, life services and other functions, and these areas contain the potential for mining consumption
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