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Teaching audio glory listed
Date:2015-08-29 Count:1778
Feida professional audio equipment Co., Ltd. sound in school, in recent years, launched campus public radio, outdoor sound amplifying sound, report the acoustics of the hall, 2.4G wireless teaching sound, audio-visual industry won a good reputation, in 2015, Feida (Fidek) and grand launched new infrared wireless teaching speaker -FEAS-65H.
Teaching sound glory listed Feida 2015 launched the latest FEAS-65H is mainly used for reinforcement of teaching, integrated sound, microphone, wireless infrared emission receiving device in one of the active teaching speakers, with good voice reduction, the clearest headnotes expressive, due to the special advantages of the infrared, also have advantages of strong confidentiality, no interference, appearance design small enclosures with convenient hanging on the wall, save more space is school teaching preferred wireless sound reinforcement system of. Infrared radio microphone function parameters: the infrared sensing technology, with a wireless microphone, used in the different receivers, not on frequency, does not pass through the wall, embedded single point of electret condenser microphone picking up and sound design, small volume and convenient use. The microphone has LCD liquid crystal display charging, battery power, volume and size adjustment function. A remote electronic laser pointer function. The transmitter uses mode: MIC1/MIC2/SD card mode / / wireless transmission mode audio recording mode. Microphone pickup: built-in (MIC1) and plug-in (MIC2) switching function, can be hand-held, wearing, collar clip, chest hanging use.
With the development of science and technology, the use of teaching mode is a multimedia digital teaching equipment, and now the country school multimedia teaching has been widely used, how to guide the University School application is correct and flexible, fast, with many integrated multimedia teaching integration, for everyone to introduce a multimedia teaching integrated machine E200 product, which is easy to be integrated into the teaching application and development of multimedia teaching system. The hardware circuits of the products that the embedded microcomputer control system, using Intel the new generation low power CPU, configuration 2GB of ram, a 500 Gigabyte hard drive, and integration with the teaching demand HD zoom video booth, control, wireless mic, power amplifier, project control, drives and other functions, products with multiple functions, high integration, high stability, easy to use, easy operation characteristics.
Ding Yi dedicated 12 years of education, providing a variety of new products such as "micro class recording system, micro meter, portable booth class real booth, multi angle video booth, micro class special making instrument, 2.4G wireless speakers, multimedia teaching teaching machine and other new products, for you to choose the education; multi media teaching machine E200 contains map, text, sound, like with the characteristics, which can fully arouse the enthusiasm of students, stimulate students' memory, active student thinking, enhance students' imagination, Ding Yi teaching machine for a new generation of classroom to promote efficient equipment, optimize the classroom teaching facilities without teaching in the table, Ding Yi teaching teaching machine is limited to give full play to the main classroom. Courseware, homework, papers, essays, and other physical, can be easily integrated into the video booth through multimedia teaching machine. Such as real images show vivid picture, rendering learning atmosphere, creating artistic conception, students have a strong interest in learning, thinking, understanding, memory, improve the ability of strain.
[product advantage]:
1 sets of computer, stand, in control, power amplifier as a whole
2 2X20W high fidelity, high quality speaker configuration
3 HD real show, contrast teaching, suspension type annotation tool
4 ultra-thin design, can be embedded in the push pull board, with electronic whiteboard.
5 anti leakage power line, from the source to solve the security problem
Ding Yi video booth part of the use of 5000000 pixel HD real show, you can shoot files, data, pictures, books, and other books, and automatically stored. The teacher can be used for making and recording of the courseware.
PC part is the use of high configuration of dual core processor, 500g hard drive, 2GB of ram and according to the customer demand and choose the configuration, audio power amplifier is a high power, designed for classroom build wireless voice teaching speakers, true image and sound show, let the students to learn more intered and easier to absorb knowledge.
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