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The development of the entertainment industry and the development of the performing arts equipment
Date:2015-08-29 Count:5331
"To participate in the exhibition is an important way to get to know new customers, because customers and enterprises in the exhibition can face to face communication,
Can also be more intuitive understanding of our products." At this point, the international division of animal husbandry and Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Hong in the twenty-fourth China international professional audio and lighting show on each of the company in front of the booth, although not very large, but the company's ring crane equipment or to attract a lot of visitors. According to wanghong, GSD is the main product of stage electric wheels, namely industrial equipment, audio equipment, a transverse frame and other performing arts crane. According to the reporter, August 19 to 22, in the China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) have domestic and more than 20 countries and regions, nearly 400 exhibitors to participate in the 24th session of China international professional audio, lighting, musical instruments and Technology Exhibition (i.e., sound and light show), show the basic cover cover the entertainment equipment industry of global well-known enterprises, famous brand, brought together tens of thousands of overseas entertainment professionals. New scientific and technological content greatly improved according to the Chinese Academy of performing arts equipment Technology Association, the show is full of all 8 exhibition halls, exhibition area of 40000 square meters. The display contents include: professional audio equipment, professional lighting equipment, stage machinery equipment, video equipment, audio and video system integration, and related technologies and solutions.
Compared with the previous, this exhibition can greatly improve the content of science and technology. According to preliminary statistics from the organizing committee, the new technology has more than 80 domestic and international exhibitors released more than 190 new products of the exhibition. Among them, many domestic and foreign well-known brands will be new products world premiere, Asia premiere, new product new technology thematic exchanges, product demo for the selection of the main content of the professional lighting show, audio show held at the exhibition site. Pearl River Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in intelligent lighting and landscape lighting products research and development, production and sales of integrated enterprise, according to the Pearl River Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. international marketing division Zhang Lu introduction, the Pearl River lighting is the leading enterprise, the company has been established for 31 years, a large number of products exported to Europe and Asia, 100 countries and regions, the company's products have been applied to the Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony, Shanghai World Expo opening ceremony and a large number of international influence project. Many exhibitors have released new products and technology, and the Pearl River lighting company launched the smart 470 light beam is the main domestic market, according to Zhang Lu, this lamp uses a new light source, power is smaller, but the lighting brightness unchanged, so more environmentally friendly. At the exhibition, many companies not only exhibited a new product, but also the scientific and technological content of these new products have greatly improved. According to animal husbandry and German company Wang Hong introduced the show on the launch of a crane with a numerical control device, from the computer control of crane is more effort than human manipulation, crane light, small, intelligent, is the future product development direction.
To buy a large number of the group is reported, the organizers to give full play to the long-term cooperation with many domestic and foreign related associations, increase efforts to organize the audience. By relevant agencies invited to Germany, the United States, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Britain, Japan, Korea and other countries related to the association of experts and professional audience watch; at home, are invited to come to the administrative department of culture and under the jurisdiction of the enterprises and institutions of professional audience have also added to visit the exhibition force; the audience also includes broadcasting system, performance venues, theatrical troupes, art education institutions, entertainment venues, such as professionals. The organizers also invited many buyers to come to visit the exhibition. China Radio and TV Association making art (light) of the Work Committee of the organization of professional buyers regiment, in the construction of performance venues buyers mission to the current exhibition; Taipei Electrical Commercial Trade Council will mission buyers also promised to come. Companies pay attention to the quality of the company's Wang Hong said, the company engaged in crane exports have been 8 years, the main products of Europe and the United States, and the exhibitors are good opportunities to get to know foreign buyers. Animal husbandry and German company is very focused and optimistic about the export market, Wang Hong said, because of security issues, crane equipment for product quality requirements are very strict, so the company has been very focused on product quality. According to the Pearl River lighting Zhanglou introduction, the European lighting equipment business to produce products of high technological content, good quality, is the same type of domestic enterprises of relatively strong competitors, thus making domestic lighting equipment export business under pressure. As an international sales staff, Zhang Lu said that the current lighting equipment export market is highly competitive, but companies are still optimistic about the international market, enterprises in the future will pay more attention to build brand image, focus on improving product quality. It is understood that the sound lighting exhibition after 20 years of building, witnessed the rise of China's performing arts equipment industry, growth, development, and growth, not only to promote the introduction of international brands, but also to promote the internationalization of national brand process
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